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NFC access

Introducing the NFC tag – an innovative solution that allows you to use your phone as a key to access property access points. Simply open the app, move your phone towards the NFC tag, and if the ID number assigned to your phone by the app is authorized, the NFC tag will send a signal, and the access point will open.

Simple setup

Our NFC access solution is one of the easiest solutions for access to any property. Simply download the app, enter the unique generated ID into the backend, and then choose the access parameters.

Simple to use

Tap to  enter or tap and exit.

Simple security

Users are permitted access via the console.

Other benefits

The PM85 software has a new powerful assortment of features that provide your business even more information tracking.

Cost effective

Compared to other property access systems Identiscan’s NFC tag system is much more cost-effective.

Set paramenters

The Identiscan system allows you to set specific parameters for each visitor, for example, who is authorized to access certain points, at a specific time, etc.

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