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Mobile visitor identification

With the implementation of POPI (Protection of information Act, Paper based access control registers are un-compliant.  Identiscan’s modern solution provides a host of features to improve workflow and the level of security. 

Scan in vehicles

The PM85 is an ideal solution you, whether you’re a property manager, security professional, or business owner looking for a fast and efficient way to scan and identify vehicle license plates.

Scan in Pedestrians

The ideal solution for anyone looking for a fast and efficient way to scan and identify ID cards. Whether you need to manage a secure facility, operate a check-in station, or verify the identity of employees, the PM85 is the perfect device for the job.

Scan in tokens

The PM85 is designed to work seamlessly with Telegram or Whatsapp, allowing users to generate temporary tokens that can be sent  to the resident to the Vistor. These tokens can be customized to grant access for a specific period of time and can be revoked at any time, providing a high level of security and control.

Other features

The PM85 also has an assortment of other powerful features to serve you and your business needs.


Record time on site

This feature allows businesses and users to easily record the amount of time a visitor or contractor  spends on the site

Bluelock Access

This unique proprietary product is controlled by the Guard using the Identiscan Rugged Mobile terminal. The Guard may only grant access by using the  terminal thus reducing the risk of the guard allowing un-authorised Pedestrians or Vehicles.


Issue Questionnaire

Customised questions appear on the Identiscan screen. The Guard operating Identiscan will be required to obtain this information from the driver, EG, Waybill. Trailer Registration, Passenger Names etc etc,



Drop down list of names and addresses of homes or businesses within the estate as well as contact numbers.

Dial the home owner directly from the Identiscan Rugged Device 


Inventory Check

Guards using the Rugged Mobile Hand Held Terminal can capture the inventory of equipment being brought onto site.


Package handling

This feature allows businesses or users to record and handle package delivery, ex: who picked up the package and where it’s going.

How tokens work

Follow this simple step-by-step process that shows you how to generate tokens via Telegram/WhatsApp and enter tokens 


type TK

Begin by simply typing the command “TK”


Select location

Select a address from the drop down menu


Send code

forward the code you received to the visitor of your choice


Enter code

Enter or scan the code into the PM85 by clicking “scan token”

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