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Digital reception

The Digital reception tablet allows for visitors to self-check in without the assistance. Upon completion of the check in they will receive a verification slip from the wireless printer. 

This slip contains a QR code for further accreditation within the secure complex.The slip also contain the PIN required for the visitor to let himself out using our proprietary  4G LTE Keypad.

Self checkin process

With the digital reception, users will only have to fill in their details to gain access to the property. This can also be done without any guards or help.

Custom questions

Our self-check-ins allow you to create customized specific questions for visitors to answer when checking in.

Printed sticker verification

Once the visitor has checked in, a slip will be printed that the visitor can then use to prove verification.

Visitor lookup

Digital reception allows you to look up visitors based on several parameters from location, time, name, etc.

Arrival notifcations

The digital reception can be set up to send notifications of arrival of the visitor by Whatsapp or Telegram.

Remote management

The Identiscan system allows for digital reception to be remotely monitored and controlled. 

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