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Smart Visitor Access Control

Smart Visitor Access Control

Identiscan is a visitor management system that accurately scans visitor contact information at check-in. Allowing for a fast, accurate, and complete access control process for visitors entering the business or residential site. Smart visitor access control systems are designed to prevent unauthorized access onto a property and to manage visitor activity at entry or departure points. Giving all visitors only temporary access to the facilities and site security able to monitor access control in real-time.

Visitor Management Software

Identiscan uses a smart access control 3D scanner to capture the personal contact details of each visitor entering the facility. This process offers efficiency and security at check-in. The visitor logs are securely stored on a database that is only accessible by authorized users. This data base is off site and never at the building where the access control system is. Entry permissions are key to visitor access. Data security and integration into other platforms are vital for the success of any visitor access control system. There are three different types of documents the host can request before entry permissions are granted to a visitor for access. Each one is key to visitor data management in order to grant visitor access to the business or residential facility. By getting specific details like destination and reason for the visit, you control visitor type entering the space. Contractors, employees and tenants can be managed by an access badge. For more special guests a pre-register process can be opted for, in the form of a visitor token.


Secure Scanning Process

Security guards use a 3D handheld scanner loaded with the Identiscan Visitor Management Software to manage visitor contact information. Identification documents in the form of a driver’s licence, ID card, ID book or Passport are requested from the visitor at check-in or exit. Identiscans visitor management has integrated photo capture to secure unscannable documents are captured thus creating a complete record of visitor type in the process. An editable health questionnaire has been integrated into the process. By using the real-time data login, the administrator, from the comfort of their office has the ability to manage visitor movements by viewing live data from the dashboard which also allows for multiple locations to be managed and reports to be requested. Systems like these allow for efficiency in the identification purposes of visitor movements and visitor access control. Employees also fall under access control but in a completly different way.

Employees are key to business security

Employees are the known entity and require less security around their access to a property. They do however still need security control, this comes in the form of staff ID cards. This is a pre-register control system that prevents unauthorized access to the premises and ensures that only authorized employees can be loaded for access to the workplace. Just like a visitor can be loaded onto a watch list, so to can employees. The visitor access control software will control entry into the workplace and decline an entry that has ben placed on this list. Calling for an authorized person to come and deal with the potential security threat.

In the past five years visitor access control has become a complete systems rework for facility management. The days of signing a book at the security checkpoint at customers’ property is long past. The visitor management system has become the focus of access control onto various security-orientated facilities around the country. There is no better way to manage visitor access control than with a smart visitor management system like Identiscan. It doesn’t just control visitors in the workplace but also employees. With data security falling under POPI, its important for businesses of all sizes to manage their visitor and employees access control very strictly. By scanning drivers’ licenses and vehicle license disks the access control system has control of the visitor details used to give visitors access. By getting specific details like destination and a reason for the visit, would-be criminals think twice about visiting businesses using visitor management systems. Knowing that their identity is recorded and avaliable across multiple locations, is a huge deterrent. This helps to protect businesses from potential security threats and measures the next person in line that security is important.

Pairing your building’s access control and visitor security systems is a smart way to provide the best possible experience for visitors, without sacrificing any of its safety. The right system will be simple enough so that you can manage it easily but also robust enough in case something goes wrong – like forgetting about one’s own keys!

The best access control for visitors is a system that’s simple, safe, and reliable. An access control system must not just provide access control that uses mobile credentials provides more protection and a better user experience by allowing visitors flexible permission levels from fully unlocking all doors within the facility right down to selecting just one room they’re allowed access to. Credentials, such as a keycard or badge, for their visitors. But keycards are not always the most secure, and it’s difficult to customize permissions for each visitor. The visitor often forgets to return keycards before leaving, which also leaves your building open to security risks. An access control system that uses mobile credentials provides more security and a better user experience.

The time of day you stop by to see your favorite employee is always a good one. But what if they weren’t there? Or how about when their work shifts change and now its 3 am in the morning. It’s really not fun being turned away cold every single visit! Enter: Identiscan Visitor Access Control. With Identiscan Access Control, welcoming visitors to your building is seamless. Admins can send secure digital guest visitors tokens via SMS, Whatsapp or email. Visitor Access Control systems are an easy way to keep unwanted visitors out of your facilities. By implementing building access control and visitor management software with databases, you can create a Visitor’s behavioral profile that will identify if they are allowed into certain areas or not!

Guest management has never been easier with Identiscan’s full-featured, touchless visitor management software. With one simple interface, you can check guests in and view their activity right from the access control portal. No more chasing around trying to find old paper records or inputting visitor details by hand! Visitors must show a photo ID at the security check-in point to enter your property. This helps you maintain control over who enters and leaves, as well as tracking their location within the building or facility (including exit points). Photo identification can be either government-issued like driver’s licenses; commercial cards such as employee badges.​

4 Approaches of Visitor Access Control

1) Health screening – to ensure that visitors have not sustained any injuries from their visit and are free from contagious diseases such as COVID

2) Video footage monitoring – cameras capture an image of each person walking into the building so we can check them against our database for anyone who might be banned under suspicious circumstances

3) Guest List Management by use of a visitor token guests can be loaded onto the visitor management systems

4 ) Facial recognition software will allow security staff members to identify known criminals without having see them personally and if their details appear on the exclusion list they can be denied visitor access.

The workplace has seen a number of innovations that have helped to keep the place safe, including visitor management and access control. These procedures originally held just one function for small-scale organizations but are now used in large ones too! Building upon the latest technology, businesses can now create touchless visitor experiences and manage them remotely. With a visitor access control system in place to ensure the safety of both building guests as well as employees. You are able to decrease risk while ensuring your business remains compliant with all local regulations for hand-in entry methods.

Recently, digital security management systems, in the form of visitor management systems have become more advanced and provide organizations with the opportunity for smarter workplace practices. These newly implemented systems not only manage visitors’ interactions but also boosts efficiency within a building to create a new way of working that is both welcoming as well efficient.

Visitors today can be any one of the following: a friend or family member looking to visit, an employee on business travel, government officials from another nation who have been invited by your company’s hosts. However, they arrive at your doorsteps – every visitor deserves high-quality service with no unnecessary hassle! Identiscan chose as the preferred workflow process to scan visitor drivers’ license or ID documents. A pre-registration ensures that the right information is available at check-in. Just choose what reason that is relevant – like delivery, collection versus contractors.

The future of visitor management is cloud-based. A post-COVID workplace is a dangerous place. With remote operations and flexible work models becoming more popular, business owners need to be aware of the risks that come with leaving their buildings unsecure for hours on end. Real-time information can help you prevent possible breaches while smart access control ensures reliable reporting when it comes down to the safety of your assets like visitor security systems which give quick alerts about potential threats so they may issue appropriate responses in seconds instead if minutes or even days later!

The best way to manage a building during an emergency is by using visitor management systems. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it became necessary for businesses in some cases to close their offices and reduce staff members due to risk factors associated with this particular illness. Using a reliable visitor management system will allow you to keep track of office staff and guests still in the office at closure.

5 signs your visitor management system needs updating

Visitors to your building need a reason for being there, and it’s usually because you want them safe. An access control system that does not efficiently track who has been inside can put both their safety as well as yours at risk!
You need to control visitor access even when not at the building.

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