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Crime prevention through Accurate Data Collection

It is difficult to control people, but we can control data for reliable and verifiable results. Accurate crime prevention depends on your frontline access security measures, which determine you are only as safe as your weakest link, so why would you want to leave it to human error?

If you, as the CEO or security manager of a business premises were to run your eye down the list of entries in the gate security access control book (yes, unfortunately they do still exist), it’s accuracy could be estimated at less than 50% in real identity verification.

Some entries will be illegible, some columns will be empty, while others will have half-written or made up names… Donald Duck may have even passed through your building security controls at one point.

Identity collection, unless used correctly, can work against you rather than keeping your personal and business communities safer. An efficient visitor management system such as OnGuard will quickly and efficiently check in visitors, capture key information and inform the hosts or business employees know of their arrival.

Thanks to the implementation and roll out of the Protection of Information (POPI) Act, paper-based access control registers are no longer compliant in South Africa and will soon become obsolete as a way of monitoring visitor identification from visitors entering your premises.

OnGuard has developed a modern solution for its replacement called Identiscan, a hand-held mobile data terminal effective in scanning both motor vehicle and driver licences, thereby verifying the collected data while at the same time ensuring confidentiality for your visitors.

By scanning barcoded details such as those found on personal drivers and vehicle licenses, an analogue signal is converted into digital signal by the handheld Identiscan device and sent to the computer installed in a remote site. Preliminary security measures are immediately identified should the visitor not have a valid or updated license.

How does the Identiscan electronic visitor management system (EVMS) protect your organisation or home estate?

With efficient operations that deliver the benefits of saving time and money for you, your staff and your visitors; some of whom will be your most important callers from potential shareholders, to clients and your own staff assets.
By ensuring all visitor data is encrypted and stored offsite on a secure server through a seamless interactive and automated signing in process that takes pressure off busy gate security staff
By removing human error, and instead allowing guard staff to interact with visitors using all their five environmental senses. The guard managing the handheld IdentiScan scanner first correctly identifies himself using his personal PIN before scanning the license barcodes to collect data. This ensures there is accountability for management of the scanner as well as the allocation of the access record to the specific guard. No longer can a staff member say, “It wasn’t me who let the visitor in”.
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