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Identiscan Means No More Surprise Visitors

Once collected, personnel visitor data must be supported with accurate and compliant data processing and storage for final verification in the chain.

Secure Data and Trusted Service Delivery

With more people online than ever before, data breaches and cyber fraud is seeing an increase in activity. Security procedures therefore call for safe data sharing and storage of personnel information. Visitors and guests themselves must be assured that their personal information is managed with due diligence when they are handing over information on entering and leaving a venue, and secure monitoring and management is a business essential delivered as part of the Identiscan service.

With the side effects of the pandemic seeming to increase rather than dissipate, we asked Jamie Bell of Identiscan, what clients were saying about the product. “Many of the calls we receive from our current clients are those requesting another unit,” says Bell.

“We are a trusted and word-of-mouth business with a long linage of trust in what we can deliver. Our first-time customers will usually install one unit and then within a matter of three or four weeks, we receive another call for a second and then third. The product speaks for itself, especially for those clients needing to secure high profile community living estates and corporate business parks.”

High Temperatures Mean a No Go

After more than 9 months of lockdown and Covid-19 protocols, privacy and security concerns have called for limited access and new health requirements which meet infection control measures.

Identiscan provides temperature monitoring as part of its access authorisation. Guards are prompted to ask a series of health questions – either standard or customised to the venue. Any visitor with an elevated temperature will be denied access to the facility and the information is recorded so as to support and contain hot spot outbreaks.

Social Distance No Touch Access Security

“Coded technology has grown in leaps and bounds and today to see visitors still required to write in a visitors book speaks of the horrors of potentially inaccurate access allowed by the guard and irresponsible contact with the virus.

“To be human is to error,” says Jamie Bell, “We have had instances of access control staff who have difficulties with language, are dyslexic so information is incorrectly captured, and are often witnessed chewing on the pen itself or sticking it behind their ear.

“Covid protocols require no-touch access control systems and using the Identiscan RFID solution and related cloud-based systems, no additional computer equipment is required in the guardhouse.

“Working off a handheld scanning device which is easy to install and train staff in, the guard has direct control of the gate or boom with his handheld scanner. The guards themselves are protected, the visitor’s data is scanned and is shared accurately, with information relayed through Identiscans’s electronic visitor management system (EVMS) which ensures all data is encrypted and stored offsite on a secure server.

“The speed of which the visitor information is captured means the complex can process visitors efficiently and both the gate control and the visitor is safer and less frustrated as they are not having to queue to gain access to the venue.

“We have seen a great uptake in the Indentiscan product as its easy to use, efficient and secure in all aspects of visitor control.”

For a free trial of the Identiscan visitor access management control system call +27 (0) 21 701 7777.

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